The 3 Big things you need to know about FHA

FHA (US Federal Housing Administration) has mortgage insurance no matter how much you put down. A lot of people assume that, since with a conventional loan if you put down twenty percent you don’t have mortgage insurance, so with FHA it must be the same. Wrong! FHA requires monthly mortgage insurance regardless of how much…

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Ten Ways To Save Money in the New Year

Saving in 2019

1. If you own a home Get a mortgage checkup. If your interest rate is higher than the market or you have mortgage insurance, you may be able to refinance into a better position which would save you money.  Refinances are closing in as fast as 15 days so in 15 days you could save…

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Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a huge issue in our country. HUD considers anyone paying more then 30% of their income towards housing as cost burdened and may have difficulty affording basic life expenses such as food. In many parts of our country I would argue the average housing payment is 42% of the majority of buyer’s…

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2019 Loan Limits Going Up

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have increased conventional loan limits for 2019: Explained I am sure by now you have seen at least a few social media posts about loan limits going up. They basically say new loan limits for 2019. I am here to give you the full low down so next time you…

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The Culture Of Always Being “on”

The Culture Of Always Being “on”.

In the past ten years technology has radically changed the way we do business.  We have the ability to do so many things faster and more efficient.  But with any great achievement there is often sometimes a negative aspect. So, what is the negative aspect of all the great tech advancements over the last ten…

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What is a short sale?

During 2008-2011 it felt like every single house was either a short sale or a foreclosure.  Once again banks are now providing mortgages with very low down payments. If the market drops by 10% we may see quite a few homeowners underwater (owing more than the house is worth).  Homeowners being underwater can lead to…

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