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The Basics Of Money To Finance a Great Life!

The Basics Of Money to Finance a Great Life! Money is mysterious. It should not be but it is. We live in a country where ...
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How To Freeze Credit in 2020

How To Freeze Credit in 2020 Identity theft is happening everywhere. Everything is hackable and literally nothing is safe. The IRS has been hacked for ...
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How To Finance A Foreclosure In 2020 - The Real Estate Foreclosure

COVID 19, Foreclosures and the Impact to Housing

Dear Foreclosure Hunters, With unemployment hitting levels worse than the great depression people are wondering when we will see the fall out in the housing ...
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Va Loans

How Long Does It Take To Get Pre Approved For A VA Loan?

How Long Does It Take To Get Pre Approved For A VA Loan?   Many people assume the VA mortgage process is long and arduous.  ...
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Down Payment

How To Save Money To Pay Your Down Payment For Your Property

If you are looking at mortgage loans you need to shop your rate.  I know you have heard that a million times before but I ...
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The 3 Big things you need to know about FHA

FHA (US Federal Housing Administration) has mortgage insurance no matter how much you put down. A lot of people assume that, since with a conventional ...
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