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Jennifer Beeston

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Jennifer Beeston

"I believe that your money, life and home can all interact and work together harmoniously."

Meet Jennifer

Hi, I am Jennifer Beeston.
Nice to meet you!

Like far too many Americans, I came out of school knowing nothing about money and made tons of mistakes because of that lack of education. The biggest mistake I made was buying a home without understanding what I was getting into. After a few years of being “house poor” I decided there had to be a better way so that other people would not end up in the same situation.

I started in the financial industry, originating mortgages in 2007. My goal since day one has been to provide education so that my clients have a positive home ownership experience.

Over the last 13 years and thousands of clients later I have learned the tips and tricks to have a great financial life and future. I have also figured out the easiest way to explain mortgages which can be overwhelming and complicated but do not need to be.
I created this website to share those with you. If I can do it, you can do it!

Mortgages do not have to be hard. You CAN understand them. You CAN make the right choices and get a mortgage with Zero Stress. I am here to help and show you that path.

I look forward to chatting,